Erika Terhes Trainer - Desiredface - European Facial Workout

Fitness and healthful living is a natural part of my life.  As I began to age I noticed my body exercises did not help my face to stay youthful.  I thought to myself, “Since the muscular anatomy of the face is similar to other parts of the body, facial muscles can be exercised and developed to smooth wrinkles and firm the skin.”

At the time I was living in Hungary and discovered Marta’s Facial Training. I was pleased with the results, it has changed my life forever. Facial exercise inspired me to create my own anti-aging facial training method, European Facial Workout™. I developed a series of graduated routines to help many women and men regain their youthful appearance.

I love teaching EFW to support my clients transforming their bodies, and feeling healthier and happier with their result.

Please contact me with your questions and comments.

Erika Terhes 
Owner and Founder of European Facial Workout™