May Rejuvenation

May is a huge month for us at DesiredFace!

We have plenty of new surprises coming, and we are excited to share the ride with all of you. Let us be the wind at your back to help you move ahead. You are welcome to share this newsletter with anyone who you think could use some momentum in their life as well.

summer-party-3bFirst things first! We are hosting a huge kick off the Summer Party.

There will be food and drink available as well as several local vendors! Join many other like minded people on a beautiful summer day by the lake. It will be from 10am-2pm on June 4th. It is going to be awesome, so don’t miss it!  If you or someone you know are interested in hosting a booth, feel free to respond to the email to request information. We will continue to update you throughout the month of May.

nutritionLooking for a summer Nutrition Plan? Look no further…

We are offering services in diet and nutrition for weight loss, toning, and overall health. All of our diet plans are customized for you and we do our best to incorporate the foods that you like, and to create a plan that you are comfortable with. Our in house expert, Josh has years of diet and nutrition experience and is eager to help you with all of your individual needs. We have everything you need to get you into the shape that you want.

inner beauty 2Have you thought about your Inner Beauty lately?

As you all know, in having a radiant look and a winning attitude, peace of mind and self-awareness play a huge role. Stress though doesn’t have to be a part of your life. Put all those ideal wisdom into action and experience a brighter and more fulfilled life. Our Life Coach, Nerella is available to help you to achieve complete transformation from the inside out. Discover emotional patterns, use hidden powers and skills and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

We also want to drop some knowledge on our signature European Facial Workout

A lot of people ask us about our EFW. What does it do? and How?

The short answer is that just like muscles on the body, the muscles in your face will pull your skin tighter and produce a younger more youthful look. The exact results include:

• restore your face’s youthful contours
• lift sagging jowls
• reduce frown lines
• diminish the wrinkles around lips
• smooth foreheads
• eliminate double chins
• lessen deep creases running from your nose to • your chin
• smooth and tone neck muscles

It’s pretty amazing. Here is one of many of our results:
Facial Workout Results - Desiredface - European Facial Workout - California -

KYGO-2Music of the Month

Lately we have really been enjoying Kygo. He is an electronic music producer from Norway. Some of his sounds are really touching and positive and up-lifting. Perfect to wake up to or to listen to after a hard day. Here is one of our favorites. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

mothers-day-quoteQuote of the Month

Moms are the best! So in the month of Mothers Day we would like to share this open secret about them.

Essential-Oils-2-European-Facial-WorkoutAnd lastly, a face cream that we really dig

It’s homemade, inexpensive, and smells and feels great. A perfect way to pamper yourself as the weather gets hotter and our skin gets dryer.


1 drop Rose Essential Oil
2 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
2 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
1 oz carrier oil of your choice (I use avocado oil, many like jojoba oil)

Mix this all up together and apply a light layer to your face and voila, you will have a wonderful facial serum.

As always, we thank you for all of your support. We enjoy each and every moment in our journey and its amazing to share it with you. Over the years we have seen so many people attain incredible results, and we couldn’t be prouder. Please feel free to communicate with us through out the month. We will be sending you updates on our open house, and don’t forget to let us know if you will be coming to the summer party. If not, just have a wonderful month.

-The DesiredFace Team