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Certification Program

Get certification so you can be an instructor! European Facial Workout™ training is designed for health and professionals on the beauty field to utilize the benefits of this new anti-aging method in their services’ offering such as:

  • estheticians
  • gyms / fitness trainers
  • spas / massage centers
  • hair salons
  • starting new carrier
  • aiming for a sophisticated look
  • fan of natural alternatives


European Facial Workout™ training is available throughout the Unites States. 5 or more participants are required for classes outside of the Los Angeles area.


Level I. (2 x 8 hours)
– Basic anatomy of facial structure
– Basic daily routine exercises with European Facial Workout ball only
Enables you to integrate your expertise with the basis of European Facial Workout.

Level II. (5 x 8 hours)
– Specializing on specific areas of a face meeting your clients’ needs.
– More European Facial Workout ball and hand exercises
Expends your tools of anti-aging techniques.

Level III. (10 x 8 hours)
– Anatomy, Physiology and Training Methodology
– European Facial Workout Exercise lines Compilation Logistics
– Complete toolkit of over 200 European Facial Workout exercises
You become an Expert European Facial Workout Certified Specialist.

All courses are interactive. Students analyze and study each other’s face to learn the theoretical information, then they practice on each other.

Only practitioners certified by Erika Terhes can become a European Facial Workout Specialist.

For more details please contact the owner and founder Erika Terhes.

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