European Facial Workout™

Are you ready to experience a new rejuvenation fitness routine for your face? European Facial Workout™ is the key to a radiant, healthy and youthful skin. Our method is the newest holistic rejuvenation program to help you staying fit, looking fresh and aging gracefully. This program is a natural facelift without fillers or surgical procedures. European Facial Workout™ is combine facial exercises with meditation and face reflexology to create an effective, unique beauty regimen. Facial workout is a powerful way to smooth out your skin, to reduce stress, to calm your mind and to increase your inner peace. Let’s face it! Now you can naturally beautify your face  and have a happy and balanced life with  European Facial Workout™ .

Fit Beauty Group Session

Glowing Beauty For You Session




You can realize the power of your facial muscles. This two hours workshop introduce you some basic facial workout routine to do at home. Want to try a Life-Changing Experiment?

$ 350/ 10 sessions
Practice your daily facial routine in this advanced group. Stimulate your  facial muscles in a different and effective way. Build up your own Fit Beauty Group and your sessions is Free! /Min.3/
DIY Natural Facelift


$990/ 10 sessions

Learn our method step-by-step one-on-one. We analyze your face and  customized your exercise program to meet your specific goals and needs. Add it to  your beauty routine and lifestyle. Follow our instructions at home on a daily basis for long term benefits and radiant results or step in our advanced group sessions.
Do It For You Natural Facelift


$1450/ 10 sessions

Be pampered with the best! Relax and enjoy our rejuvenation session. Enjoy the combination of our facial workout method, cosmetic reflexology and ancient cupping for a tighter, brighter, younger looking and healthier you.

$499 / hour
IIn-Home, Party and Bridal Events Enjoy our Happy Face Party to shine your beauty with fun but effective facial exercises and our natural skincare.

Weekends available. For home visits, travel fees will be applied.

founder of european

facial workout

Erika Terhes Trainer - Desiredface - European Facial Workout

Fitness and healthful living is a natural part of my life.  As I began to age I noticed my body exercises did not help my face to stay youthful.  I thought to myself, “Since the muscular anatomy of the face is similar to other parts of the body, facial muscles can be exercised and developed to smooth wrinkles and firm the skin.”

At the time when I was living in Europe I was experience my first  facial training session. I was pleased with the results, it has changed my life forever. Facial exercise inspired me to create my own holistic rejuvenation fitness method, European Facial Workout™.  Now I’m happy to serve my Hollywood clients with my amazing beauty secret weapon to shine and glow their youthful appearance and feeling healthier and happier with their result.

I opened  my boutique studio for the public in Westlake Village in 2014 to provide many women and men with a truly satisfying experience that improves their daily lives by helping them to look beautiful, attractive and younger than their actual age.

Please contact me with your questions and comments.

Erika Terhes 
Owner and Founder of European Facial Workout™

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